First Goldfinch of the season

by superinferior


First Goldfinch of the season

One of my “old people” past times is bird watching. I’m not all that skilled at attracting birds to our yard, but I do enjoy watching the different breeds. We seem to mostly get the typical sparrows or wrens. We also get chickadees — the ones with bright white and black markings on the head.

This Goldfinch feeder is hit-and-miss. Last Summer we didn’t get many birds. This little fella is the earliest we have ever seen a Goldfinch. They’re so beautiful, I hope we see them through the Summer.

In the past we have also seen Baltimore Orioles using a special Oriole feeder. I think I will set that up again to see what happens this year.

I always keep our National Audubon Society breeds book nearby for whenever we see a breed we can’t speedily identify.