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Ready to call it a week. Bartender, make it a double!

It’s been a long week.

While new projects are slowly getting off the ground at work, it’s taking even longer to finish others. What that means is we get paid slower. Our accounts are near empty again. I’m tired of not being able to save shit.

Being broke seems like the perfect time to plan a beer tasting with friends, doesn’t it?  We had to move it from Friday to Saturday because of sitter issues, and I think that has miffed some friends. Our kids are 14 and 11 and our friends don’t…well, that’s possibly a topic for another post.

Wife is getting slammed at work. She’s going with the flow in hopes of a promotion, but so far the chaos seems to be fraying her nerves.

Friday has a way of curing ills. I am hoping for business money to show up. God, am I ever hoping.

Bitch fest over. I feel better already.


Steve Jobs’ Cancer Treatment Regrets

According to Steve Jobs’ biographer, Walter Isaacson, the Apple mastermind eventually came to regret the decision he had made years earlier to reject potentially life-saving surgery in favor of alternative treatments like acupuncture, dietary supplements and juices.

Forbes Article

Gibson Guitar plant raided, still no charges filed

Gibson Guitar plant raided, still no charges filed

Interesting video clip from, the Libertarian online media dispensary. I’m not a Libertarian, but I think this is an example of government overreach that might seem more accessible to most folks than, say, the Affordable Healthcare Act.

Easier said than done is the truth, but it needs to be done.


Many small businesses depend on steady and predictable cash flow to run their business and meet their financial obligations.  Oftentimes small businesses have customers that pay slow which leads to them paying their invoices slowly as well.  In the end, everyone is affected by the delay in payments.

Most small business owners carefully manage their business especially their finances.  Unfortunately some small businesses get too much into a financial squeeze that when an unforeseen event happens it can severely affect an already fragile cash flow.  Difficulties in meeting payroll or paying a key supplier can cause much harm to a small business and its existence.
Small businesses must

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