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Ted Nugent to Meet With Secret Service


Ted Nugent

Ted Nugent to Meet With Secret Service

I had the opportunity to meet the Nuge a few years ago. I was on a video shoot project for a local hospital that contracted with Ted to provide a public service announcement on the dangers of substance abuse.

Now, given that perspective I understand that colors my upcoming thoughts on Ted.

So, the arrangement for the shoot determined that it would happen in his trailer parked behind the stage at a local summer county fair – that also features a lot of big name music acts during the week. His son greeted us and was very polite and courteous, but he asked us to wait for a bit while they cleaned out the trailer a little. The “cleaning out” was basically carrying out dozens of gun cases (full, I’m sure) and stowing them near by in a neat fashion. Weird, but kinda cool too. I’m not so turned off by folks that like to own guns.

Fast-forward 20 minutes – we are all set up in Ted’s trailer, ready to go, when he makes his entrance. Rednecky-cowboy hat and all. Dude was straight up polite to every one of us. Offered us cold beverages – no alcohol, of course. I will say honestly that the Nuge had a way of putting us at ease. And, as media production folks, we don’t encounter that all that often. We’ve shot with Sheryl Crowe, LeAnne Rimes, Helen Hunt – Ted was probably the most down to earth of all of them.

I’m not sure why I am pointing all of this out. I’m well aware of his conservative stance and have never agreed with him on political points. This recent brew-ha-ha concerning his statements about Obama getting re-elected certainly comes off as pretty dumb and ill-advised. The dude is also a pretty infamous misogynist — also, not cool.

Whenever the Nuge appears on the 24/7 news cycle I, like most people, roll my eyes. While I don’t think he can be reasoned with in political matters, I have at least felt like he is a human being and kind of down to earth in a way.

I was never even a huge fan of his music. But of all the famous people I’ve met over the years, meeting Ted was one of the more positive experiences.


Who pissed in my Wheaties?

I’ve been in a pretty sour mood most days lately and I can’t figure out why. I’ve been getting more than enough sleep. I’ve cut back on the night time beer intake. Just feels like someone’s been pissing in my wheaties. I have to work hard to stay out of that negative mindset as I start my day. The last few years haven’t been the rosiest, but it could be a lot worse. I would rather it just get a whole lot better pretty fast. Thank goodness for the sertraline.

Ready to call it a week. Bartender, make it a double!

It’s been a long week.

While new projects are slowly getting off the ground at work, it’s taking even longer to finish others. What that means is we get paid slower. Our accounts are near empty again. I’m tired of not being able to save shit.

Being broke seems like the perfect time to plan a beer tasting with friends, doesn’t it?  We had to move it from Friday to Saturday because of sitter issues, and I think that has miffed some friends. Our kids are 14 and 11 and our friends don’t…well, that’s possibly a topic for another post.

Wife is getting slammed at work. She’s going with the flow in hopes of a promotion, but so far the chaos seems to be fraying her nerves.

Friday has a way of curing ills. I am hoping for business money to show up. God, am I ever hoping.

Bitch fest over. I feel better already.


Ever since I jumped into the blog waters, I find it hard to resist tweaking my themes, looks, layout, etc.  I remember looking into blogging years ago, and I don’t ever recall communities like we have today that make it so easy to do this.

I am a born tweaker.  I am always tweaking any little project of mine, whether it’s musical or visual or written.  I can’t leave well enough alone sometimes.  I should better trust my gut instincts and first decisions.  It speaks to a flaw that I constantly deal with as a small business owner: second guessing myself.  I’m not sure if I’m impatient, indecisive sometimes, or just plain fickle with my world.

Well, for blogging I have no grand plan as of yet.  I don’t know where it will take me and I didn’t set out to become an all-star blogger. Perhaps that’s the thing….having a plan.

Since I have no plan, I guess it’s okay to tweak away, don’t you?

I miss the in-laws

My wife and I met in college. We both attended a large state university in the Southeast and began dating in the Spring of my freshman year.  She was a junior.  Before long, it was time to make the four hour trek across the state to meet her family.

I was given a pretty good rundown on everyone in the family that I was to meet.  So despite being a little nervous, I was looking forward to it.  I knew it would be a cultural experience, too, as her folks lived in a rural area.  Their town was very sparsely populated.  This was the deep South, too.  I enjoy those kinds of cultural adventures.

Suffice to say, her folks were awesome to me.  They were very welcoming to this boy from the Northeast suburbs who was dating their youngest daughter.  Her mom was warm and loving from the get-go.  Her dad, despite having an impressive gun collection hanging on the living room wall, seemed to be comfortable with me off the bat, too.  And from there our relationship just grew, and I enjoyed developing the close bond with her family.

Now, her dad was a musician in his younger years.  He played in country/western bands throughout the 50’s, 60’s and 70’s.  And me being a guitar player helped us to speak a similar language of sorts I guess.  I loved hanging out with her mom.  We often would play cards together on those trips to her parents’ house.  I remember one particular time when I caught a flu bug while we stayed at their house.  I was supposed to be back at school the next day, but I was vomiting so much and had a fever…there was no way.  Her mom took care of me like she were my mom.  I’ll never forget it.

We eventually got married in her parents’ home town.  The ceremony was held at a very small Baptist chapel, even though most of my family are Catholic.  It didn’t matter to anyone.  Everyone that attended had a blast meeting my new in-laws.

My wife and I eventually had to move away from that state for work, and so we saw her folks only once a year, tops, on Summer visits and such.  Everytime we got together, though, it was like no time had passed.  They were so easy to get along with and they knew how to have fun.

My wife’s father passed away about six years ago.  Her mother has alzheimer’s disease with severe dimentia, and she resides in a specialty nursing home in the city where we now live.  My wife goes to see her mom as often as she can.  I have been to see her a handful of times.  She is a ghost of the person she used to be.  It’s difficult to see her.  She was a gorgeous, statuesque woman full of life.  Now she is hunched over in a wheelchair, has cataracts, and mumbles once in awhile.  She recognizes nobody from her past.  My wife’s dad is buried at a military cemetary near us as well, so we can once in awhile go visit his gravesite.

They were awesome people from a different part of the country from where I grew up.  I feel like I’m a better person for having had the fortune to meet them.  They were both truly unique and fun individuals.  I really miss them.

Nothing To See Here

Living in the Midwest has been a mixed bag for me.

I grew up in eastern Pennsylvania, so I’m used to the cold winters and humid summers.  I lived for five years in Alabama going to college, so I’m used to very hot summers there as well.  But there is something about living here in Illinois…I can’t put my finger on it.  Doesn’t feel like home yet for me.  I’ve been living here for 20 years.

The wide open spaces and large tracts of farm land are unsettling to me.  Makes me feel small and lonely.  During the long, harsh winters it can feel like you are living on an alien planet.  Sparse forests of dead trees…flat harvested farm land…manufacturing brown fields….depressed residential areas.  It’s not much to look at, unless you are living in one of the bigger cities like Chicago or Milwaukee.  If I had the means to, I would pack up my family and head for something better. But where would that be in this economy?

So it’s not so pretty here.  What really helps me is that the people who live in the Midwest are generally pretty awesome.  More down-to-earth than the east coast folks and more open minded than the southern folks.  I’ve made plenty of good friends here and they have helped me keep my sanity.  Along with my wife, of course.  And the beer.  Can’t forget the great beer.  Microbreweries and craft brewers are everywhere…plus I’ve caught the homebrewing bug.  Can’t do that in Alabama.

Most winters here are pretty harsh.  Long.  Bitterly cold.  Windy.  Very depressing. Doesn’t help moods much when you run into financial crisis mode during the cold season and you are wondering how you will make the mortgage payment, the electric bill or the car insurance.  We’ve endured some long, long winters.  But this year, thanks to the Universe, we have had the most mild winter I can ever remember.  We haven’t had much snow to speak of and we have even had a few spells of days in a row with 60-ish degrees Fahrenheit.  It’s been much needed and I feel like my mind and body are a little refreshed.  Coincidentally, my business has been performing better as well.

The lesson here, folks, is don’t move to the Midwest if you don’t have to.  Nothing to see here.  But if you are stuck here, like I am, make sure you check out your local microbrewery.  They’ll take care of you.  Good people.