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First Goldfinch of the season

One of my “old people” past times is bird watching. I’m not all that skilled at attracting birds to our yard, but I do enjoy watching the different breeds. We seem to mostly get the typical sparrows or wrens. We also get chickadees — the ones with bright white and black markings on the head.

This Goldfinch feeder is hit-and-miss. Last Summer we didn’t get many birds. This little fella is the earliest we have ever seen a Goldfinch. They’re so beautiful, I hope we see them through the Summer.

In the past we have also seen Baltimore Orioles using a special Oriole feeder. I think I will set that up again to see what happens this year.

I always keep our National Audubon Society breeds book nearby for whenever we see a breed we can’t speedily identify.


Loved Levon Helm. These are some interesting facts. Some I knew, some I didn’t know.

Boys don’t talk – or, Why I Like My Quiet Time

With wife out of town on business, it was just me and the boys for the weekend. No problem. They are 11 and 14 and are fairly self-sufficient and low maintenance. I had an afternoon obligation yesterday also, so the good aunt and uncle jumped in and spent the day with the kids.

So pretty easy-going weekend. And noticeably quiet. It’s on these kinds of days I pick up on the nuances between mom and dad in this household. You see, I am one of those who likes the quiet. I am perfectly fine to go about my thing while the boys do their thing…outside, in their bedroom, on the laptop, whatev. I think the quiet is one of the ways I recharge my inner battery before the start of the work week. I think it’s the same for the boys – I know it is for the 14 year old.

Wife is not so keen on the quiet and tends to get bored quickly in the sitch I described. In fact, she will sometimes ask me “what’s wrong. You’re quiet” or “the boys won’t come out of their room, I don’t know what’s wrong.” She enjoys engaging with the boys, discussing everything from school to current events. Don’t get me wrong – she doesn’t badger. Far from it. She’s a great mom who gives them their space. It’s just a little difference in parenting style that I notice from time to time.

I like to engage the boys, too. The dialogue can be somewhat more concise with me is all. My conversations with the kids tend to have a purpose not unlike an urgent mission – get in/get out. And we are fine with that.

I just made my usual pancakes, bacon and eggs for breakfast with the boys as we wait for mom. No conversation. Just enjoying a good meal and the company of one another, even if there was not much talking. 

I’m sure not all dads are this way, but I think my parenting style might be descriptive of the differences between men and women in relationships. Wow, that’s quite a generalization.

Ah, wife is home. Quiet time over. We miss her…I’m ready for some fun. She is the fun one in the house after all.

Turning this car around

Looking through my recent history of posts it’s easy to see I’ve been in a negative state of mind. I’m gonna work to change that. Today I do feel much better and on top of my game. Bitching and moaning about life is okay once in awhile, but I hate for it to devolve into pity-party territory. Life is too short for that nonsense. I have to keep reminding myself of this. Getting mired in negative thoughts tends to paralyze me and demotivates me from even trying to do better.

The weather, although a bit cooler, could not be nicer going into the Easter weekend. That right there is a pick-me up. Also planning on meeting up with a few friends later for some happy hour cocktails.

To quote Dori from Finding Nemo – “Just keep swimming, swimming, swimming…”

Keith Richards – Demon


The dogwood finally blooms.

Usually the bloom on our dogwood tree is pretty lackluster. But thanks to the mild Winter and early Spring, we are enjoying a pretty tree in our front yard. Makes me want to go out and plant another one in the back yard.

Crazy Mama

Rolling Stones “Crazy Mama” from the Black and Blue album

“Damn Your Eyes!”

My eye doctor has brought the phrase up a few times in the past year.

I’m showing all the classic signs – holding things at a distance so as to read the small print better, lowering my glasses away from my eyes to read anything up close.


Crap. I always knew it was in my future, but I fear my future is now. Bifocals. I don’t think I care very much for the word. Getting older is a bitch. I like that word: bitch.

Television – Marquee Moon

This song falls somewhere at the crossroads of new wave, punk, progressive and fusion. Enjoy!

Fighting a case of the “lazies”


It’s a quiet Saturday here at the homestead.  Looks like it’s gonna be another nice Spring day, albeit on the overcast and milder side.  Lots of stuff to do….clean the yard, cut the grass, pick up leaves left over from the fall, pick up around the house, do the dishes, etc.

But I just feel like chilling.  Maybe here on the computer, or listening to music. Don’t feel much like accomplishing anything today.  It’s not a great example to set for my kids, who already are learning the nuances of lazy life.  

Maybe the motivation will come to get off my ass.  Then again, maybe it won’t and I’ll be happy as a clam!